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At Be Pure Hair our passion is to create beautiful hair and skin using natural & organic mineral based products that DO NOT contain harmful chemicals that can effect your Health and well being.

We spend the time with our clients to Create beautiful, healthy hair using the most up to date techniques and trends.


Be Pure Hair & beauty Salon is focused on healthy and natural hair and skin, where clients are not exposed to unnecessary chemicals that can compromise your health.
Toxic chemicals in traditional hair products can have effects on your organs and disrupt our

hormonal system and cause allergies.

We use products that have NO Ammonia, NO PPD, NO Resorcinol, NO Phthalates,

NO Propylene glycol, NO Sulfates, NO Parabens, NO M.I.T, and NO Triciosan.


Is a dangerous, corrosive chemical found in hair colour & has been linked

to increase the risk of certain cancers.

It's also linked to affect reproduction and other chronic health effects from long-term use.


Are used as preservatives and are absorbed into the body, sometimes being mistaken for estrogen,

disrupting the hormonal system and are consequently linked to hormone-related diseases which could lead to infertility in men and woman.


Is very common in hair dyes and is mostly responsible for allergic reactions and irritation.

It can cause rashes and itching in allergy cases, but may also trigger asthma, eczema may even damage kidneys and lungs from long-term exposure.

Sulphate (SLS)

Is used as an inexpensive detergent to make products foam. SLS is easily absorbed by the body & builds

up in the heart, liver and brain.


Can disrupt thyroid hormone synthesis that can cause changes in the thyroid gland that are consistent with goiter—thyroid enlargement.

This condition causes difficulties in regulating metabolism, which can result in weight gain, malnutrition, and immune system dysfunction.

At Be Pure hair we want your experience to be safe that's why we use the cleanest products to achieve the best results.


NATULIQUE Professional Hair Colours are strictly designed with the focus on healthy hair that provides a more gentle hair colour with certified organic ingredients. NATULIQUE Natural colours is 98,02% derived from natural sources..

NATULIQUE Shampoos and Conditioners are 360BIOCERT ORGANIC.


          Certified Organic & Vegan             Professional skincare range developed  in Byron Bay.The exclusive range has been formulated using the best that nature offers with vitamins,oils & actives that ensure each product & treatment  are results driven.

   All  ingredients are 100% naturally derived.         

     The complete organicspa collection has a      

​      minimum of 70% certified organic content.

    Kevin Murphy 

Healthy hair begins when its free from stress. Reduce the chemical overload with Kevin Murphy Professionals.  Mineral Colours are vibrant, long lasting results with amazing coverage.

Australian native actives Hair care that is especially designed to guard against colour fade with inbuilt UV protection.

   What more could you want!




  • 1/4 head   $120

  • 1/2 head   $150

  • 3/4 head   $170

  • Full head    $195

  • Babylights   $250

  • Balayage/Ombre from - $250

  • Toner From $30




  • Regrowth $100

  • Long Regrowth $120

  • Part line Regrowth  $70


Full Colour 

  • Short  $120

  • Med  $130

  • Long  $140

  • Men's Colour from $80



Wash,Cut & Blow Wave

  • Dry Cuts - $70.00  

  • Cut + no blow wave - $80.00

  • Cut + blow wave - $90.00

  • Re-style cuts - $100.00

  • Men's Cuts - $50​​

Blow Wave

  • Short  $40

  • Med   $50 

  • Long   $60

  • Add Soft curls  $20

Hair Ups




  • Short  $80

  • Med  $90

  • Long  $120

Kids  Cuts  

  • Under 10 yrs   $30

  • Under 16 yrs   $40

  • Under 18 yrs   $50

Hair Services


Tuesday: 11.00am - 8.00pm


Thursday: 10.00am - 8.00pm

Friday: 10.30am - 5.00pm

Saturday: 10.00am - 3.00pm 


Be Pure Hair 

13a Railway Place Fairfield 3078

9481 5700

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